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Superb Business Consultant in London

De-La Bureh & Swanwick Consulting Ltd is a diversified international Company with a sole aim to further open up the African market in two fronts: Consultancy and International Trade.


 Our Consultancy services is an independent global public affairs and strategic communication advisory and expert consulting platform that provides independent advice, authoritative studies, expert testimony and corporate investigations, Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution, including recruitments and training to Governmental Agencies, Corporate and Non-Governmental Institutions, Major Law firms and Private Investors.


We design and create communication and media solutions that work for our clients and businesses and help our clients or new clients set themselves apart from the competitions whether they are global market leaders, a leading national business or a start-up business. 


The Company with Head-office in England currently has operations in 5 other African countries with a focus on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, prevent capital flight and provide locally produced goods for the people in Africa but more importantly, to export African produced goods to international market. Our small teams in England and in Africa, work to foster the ‘do the right things for the right reasons’ mindset throughout the organization. 

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